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Own Your Day in Style


Make a bold fashion statement that reflects your personality and confidence. Elevate your style with our Women's Knit Set – because you deserve the perfect blend of comfort and chic sophistication


  • Comfort with a Stylish Touch 😍


What Is hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen water is essentially water that has been infused with additional hydrogen molecules, transforming plain H2O into a beverage that enhances health.

How does AquaRevive Hydrogen water bottle work?

The bottle utilizes a special process to generate and infuse hydrogen molecules into the water stored inside. These additional hydrogen molecules enrich the water, offering potential health benefits when consumed.

Is AquaRevive Hydrogen Hydration easy to use?

Yes, AquaRevive Hydrogen Hydration is designed for simplicity and convenience. Simply fill the bottle with water, activate the hydrogen infusion process, and wait for the water to become enriched with hydrogen within 3 minutes.

How long does the hydrogen infusion last in the water?

The duration of hydrogen infusion can vary, but typically the enriched water remains beneficial for several hours after infusion.

How does it taste?

Although you will see bubbles rise in the bottle the water does not have a "fizzy" taste. Hydrogen water tastes like clean quality water, but with added health benefits.

what's in the box?

  • Hydrogen Water Bottle ( 500 ml)

  • USB Type-C Charging Cable

  • Instruction Manual

How to use the Hydrogen Water Bottle?

Step 1. Install drinking water, first charge mineral water.

Step 2. Just press once, the blue light will light up, 3 minutes hydrogen will be generated and the system will shut down automatically.

Step 3. Press for three seconds to turn off the device automatically. All lights are off and the machine is off. When there is no power, the water cup will flash red, the light will be red when charging and the light will turn green when fully charged (partially blue).