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Golf Swing Grip Corrector Training Aid

🛋️ Revives old leather

🌿 All-natural formula

💧 Easy application

👶 Safe for kids & pets

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Color: Black


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Correct grip posture for perfect golf swing!

The path of the golf swing takeaway is directly affected by the grip. Improve grip control & swing stability to achieve perfect golf swing with Golf Grip Training Aid! 

Achieve a perfect grip

This grip trainer can promote “muscle memory” which allows you, with practice and time, to achieve a perfect grip without assistance.

No more sliding

The grip corrector is an ergonomic and non-slip handle to assist for a perfect grip. Now you can stop slicing with better alignment and grip!

Fit any golf club

Golf Grip Training Aid can be installed fast and simply and can fit onto any golf club handle. Simply attach to your golf club from the top of the handle.

Suitable for all golf players

Perfect for both beginner or expert golf players as it can let you train for the perfect golf grip to achieve a better golf swing!


  • Material: Rubber 
  • Dimensions: 24.5 x 3cm / 9.6 x 1.2in