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NightFlex 4K ProVision

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Struggle to see clearly in the dark? NightFlex 4K ProVision is your solution!


Transform your night hunts with crystal-clear, high-definition monocular night vision designed for the true outdoorsman.

Note: Memory: TF Card (Not Included), up to 128G


Bid farewell to the limitations of the night with NightFlex 4K ProVision! This Digital NightVision Monocular transforms your night-time explorations with high-resolution 4K imaging, capturing MP photos like never before. Gone are the days of blurry, unclear sights. Welcome to a world of vibrant detail, even in the inkiest conditions.

Enhance your night vision with NightFlex 4K ProVision! 

Enhance your night vision with NightFlex 4K ProVision's built-in Wnm infrared illuminator, offering three levels of adjustable infrared brightness. Whether you're camping, hunting, or observing wildlife, you can attain the perfect view, even at 300 feet away, ensuring your night adventures are just as vivid as those in daylight.


Upgrade to a smarter, more intuitive hunting experience 

The NightFlex 4K ProVision's lightweight, compact design makes it effortless to carry on any expedition. Perfectly designed for your pocket or pack, it accompanies you to the furthest mountaintop or the nearest backyard, ready for spontaneous discovery.


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What are the key features of NightFlex 4K ProVision Infrared Monocular?

  • High-resolution 4K imaging capabilities for crisp and detailed visuals.

  • Infrared illumination for enhanced visibility in total darkness.

  • Lightweight and portable design for easy carrying and handling.

  • Long-range viewing capability for observing distant objects.

  • Built-in recording function to capture photos and videos of nighttime activities.

  • User-friendly interface with intuitive controls for seamless operation.

How does the NightFlex 4K ProVision Infrared Monocular work?

The monocular utilizes infrared technology to detect and amplify ambient light, including infrared radiation, to produce visible images. It gathers light through its objective lens, converts it into an electronic signal, and processes it to generate a clear image on the viewing screen.

What are the primary uses of the NightFlex 4K ProVision Infrared Monocular?

The NightFlex 4K ProVision Infrared Monocular is ideal for a variety of applications, including:

  • Nighttime surveillance and security.

  • Wildlife observation and photography.

  • Hunting and outdoor activities.

  • Search and rescue operations.

  • Camping and hiking adventures.

  • Home security monitoring.

Is the NightFlex 4K ProVision Infrared Monocular suitable for use in all weather conditions?

Yes, the NightFlex 4K ProVision Infrared Monocular is designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, fog, and humidity. However, it is recommended to avoid submerging the device in water or exposing it to extreme temperatures to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

How long does the battery of the NightFlex 4K ProVision Infrared Monocular last?

The battery life of the NightFlex 4K ProVision Infrared Monocular depends on factors such as usage frequency and settings. On average, the rechargeable battery can last several hours on a single charge. It is advisable to fully charge the battery before each use to ensure uninterrupted operation.

What are the product specifications?

Digital Zoom: 8X
Lens Diameter: 25mm
Max. Viewing Distance: 200-300M for Night
Photo Resolution: 40MP, 30MP, 25MP, 20MP, 10MP, 8MP, 5MP, 3MP
Photo Format: JPG
Video Resolution: 4K, 1080P, 720P
Video Format: AVI
Display: 2 Inch IPS Screen, 320*240
Operating Temperature: -30~55℃
Recording During the Day: Color
Recording at Night: Black and White
Charging Port: Type-C
Battery: Built-in 7.4V, 2500mAh L-ithium Battery
Item Size: 170 75 65mm/ 6.7 3.0 2.6in
Item Weight: 245g/ 8.6oz

Memory: TF Card (Not Included), up to 128G

What includes the package?

1 x NightFlex 4K ProVision

1 x Type-C to USB Cable

1 x Card Reader

1 x Storage Bag

1 x Wrist Straps

1 x Lens Cleaning Cloth

1 x User's Manual